Our Sponsors 2022

Dublin-based Eneclann is the leading provider of Irish history and heritage services. Established in 1998, the award-winning company’s offerings include historical research, digitisation and digital publishing services, probate, and archives and records management. Eneclann’s extensive experience ranges from individual client projects to working for, and with, public institutions and private companies. Some previous digitisation projects that Eneclann have completed are the 1641 Depositions for Trinity College Dublin, The Capuchin Annual for the Capuchin Archives as well as Decade of Centenaries projects for the National Museum and the National Library.

Eneclann also offers a genealogical research service under the Irish Family History Centre brand.

The Association for Church Archives of Ireland was founded in 1980 and is concerned with the records and archives of the Christian Churches in Ireland and the Congregations and Societies associated with them.

The object of the ACAI is to promote the care and preservation of these records and archives in order to facilitate their administrative use by Churches and other bodies, as well as making them accessible for academic research and cultural purposes.

Nano Nagle Place is an unexpected oasis in the centre of bustling Cork City, a place that celebrates Nano Nagle’s vision of empowerment through education, community inclusion and spiritual engagement for a contemporary world. The complex houses a museum, heritage rooms, gardens, the wonderful Good Day Deli, both a design and gift shop, and a Cork focussed book shop in the museum. The beautifully regenerated convent buildings are home to several educational charities. Find out more here: https://nanonagleplace.ie/

Established in 1849, the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland is instituted to ‘preserve, examine and illustrate all ancient monuments and memorials of the arts, manners and customs of the past, as connected with the antiquities language, literature and history of Ireland’.
As a registered charity, the Society’s principal aims are to foster public understanding of the material and literary past, to support research and communicate the results, and to facilitate in the formulation of public policy on the care of our cultural heritage.
The Society is open to members of the general public who have an interest in its aims. www.rsai.ie