Programme, DPASSH 2015

Shaping our Legacy:
Safeguarding the Social and Cultural Record

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Thursday 25th June
Welcome and Opening Remarks
Mary Daly, President of the Royal Irish Academy
Natalie Harrower, Chair of DPASSH organizing committee, Digital Repository of Ireland
Keynote Address
Catriona Crowe, National Archives of Ireland
Paper Session 1A: Sustaining Infrastructures (Hogan Suite)

Chair: Stefan Decker, Director, Insight Centre for Data Analytics at NUI Galway @stefanjdecker

Funding models for open access digital repositories
Rob Kitchin, Maynooth University @RobKitchin
Sandra Collins, Royal Irish Academy @SandriCollins
Dermot Frost, Trinity College Dublin @astarmain

Towards a Sustainable European Preservation Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities
Tibor Kálmán GWDG
Danah Tonne, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Oliver Schmitt, GWDG

Building a future for our digital memory together: A collaborative infrastructure for permanent access to digital heritage in The Netherlands
Marcel Ras, Netherlands Coalition for Digital Preservation @info_NCDD

Paper Session 1B: Archives, Memory, and Tradition (Canal Cafe)

Chair: Arlene Healy, Sub-librarian, Digital Systems & Services, TCD @ArleneHealy

Archival Appraisal and the Digital Record: Applying Past Tradition for Future Practice
Bethany Anderson, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign @bga_archivist
Scott W Schwartz, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Fynnette Eaton, US National Archives

Archival practices and the making of memories
Natasha Mauthner, University of Aberdeen @natashamauthner
Judit Gárdos, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

The Archives of Trinity College Dublin: a Digital Curation Challenge
Ellen O’Flaherty, Trinity College Dublin @eoflahe

Launch of the Digital Repository of Ireland @dri_ireland
Launch Part 1
Launch Part 2
Launch Part 3
Launch Part 4
Damien English TD, Minister for Skills, Research and Innovation
Muiris O’Connor, Head of Policy and Strategic Planning, Higher Education Authority (HEA)
Sandra Collins, Director of the Digital Repository of Ireland
Natalie Harrower, Deputy Director of the Digital Repository of Ireland
Paper Session 2A: Cultural Heritage: Legal, Ethical, and Practical Considerations (Hogan)

Chair: Rob Kitchin, Professor and ERC Advanced Investigator, NIRSA, Maynooth University @RobKitchin

Language Data, Ethics and the Law
Caspar Jordan, Swedish National Data Service

Managing the digitization and online publication of sensitive heritage material
Gearóid Ó Cleircín, Dublin City University @thallisabhus
Conchúr Mag Eacháin, Dublin City University @mageachain
Anna Bale, University College Dublin

Codes of Ethics for Digital Repositories
Joanne Carroll, Trinity College Dublin

A digital archive of cultural heritage objects: standardized metadata and annotation categories
Elisabeth Steiner, University of Graz
Carina Kargl, University of Graz

Digitizing Heritage: Building an Archive for Future Generations
Sharon Ringel, University of Haifa
Rivka Ribak, University of Haifa

Paper Session 2B (Short Papers): Digital Archiving Systems and Web Archiving (Canal)

Chair: Bahareh Heravi, Group Leader and Research Fellow, Insight Centre for Data Analytics at NUI Galway @Bahareh360

Meeting the Challenges of Preserving the UK Web
Helen Hockx-Yu, British Library @hhockx

The Great Derive: Rethinking Access and Extent for Web Archives
Jefferson Bailey, Internet Archive @jefferson_bail

Living Movements, Living Archives: Selecting and archiving web content during times of social unrest
Sylvie Rollason-Cass, Internet Archive @Sylvie_RC
Scott Reed, Internet Archive @vector_ctrl

The E-ARK project: harmonizing social and cultural records across Europe
Janet Delve, University of Portsmouth @EARKproject
David Anderson, University of Portsmouth
Andrew Wilson, University of Portsmouth

Future proof: The Transition to Digital at IFI Archive
Anja Mahler, Irish Film Archive
Raelene Casey, Irish Film Archive
Simon Factor, Moving Media @movingmedia

Paper Session 3A: Social/Media Preservation (Hogan)

Chair: Sandra Collins, Director, Digital Repository of Ireland @SandriCollins

How to Archive an Event: Reflections on the Social Repository of Ireland
Natalie Harrower, Royal Irish Academy @natalieharrower
Bahareh Heravi, Insight Centre at NUI Galway @Bahareh360

Preserving Social Media: the Problem of Access
Sara Day Thomson, Digital Preservation Coalition @sdaythomson
William Kilbride, Digital Preservation Coalition @WilliamKilbride

Media Archives & Digital Preservation: Overcoming Cultural Barriers
Beth Delaney, AV Archive Consultant
Annemieke de Jong, Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision

Paper Session 3B: Digital Archaeology (Canal)

Chair: Frances Narkiewicz, Programme Manager, Digital Repository of Ireland @FranNarkiewicz

Looking Back to Move Forward: Measuring the impact of existing digital resources relevant to Irish archaeology
Teresa Bolger, Rubicon Heritage Services @rubiconheritage

3D-ICONS: Digitising our Cultural Heritage Structures for Scientific and Public Use
Anthony Corns, The Discovery Programme @DiscProg
Robert Shaw, The Discovery Programme
Gary Devlin, The Discovery Programme
Aaron Deevy, The Discovery Programme
Louise Kennedy, The Discovery Programme

Decade of Centenaries Awards
Eucharia Meehan, Director, Irish Research Council @IrishResearch
Sharon Webb, Digital Repository of Ireland @wsharon145
Rebecca Grant, Digital Repository of Ireland @Beck_Grant


Friday 26th June

9:00 Welcome
Tom Boland, Chief Executive, Higher Education Authority (HEA)
Expert Panel: Shaping our Legacy: Safeguarding the Social and Cultural Record (Hogan)

Chair: Natalie Harrower, Digital Repository of Ireland @natalieharrower

Brid Dooley, Head of RTE Archives @briddooley
Helen Hockx-Yu, Head of Web Archiving, The British Library @hhockx
Owen Conlan, Assistant Prof., School of Computer Science and Statistics, TCD @oconlan
John McDonough, Director, National Archives of Ireland @mcojo

Paper Session 4: Policy, Practice, and Research Data (Hogan)

Chair: Jane Gray, Senior Lecturer, Sociology, Maynooth University

DRI as a Bilingual Digital Repository; Processes and Challenges; Turning Policy into Practice
Rosemary Coll, NUI Galway @rosemary_coll

Identifying HSS research data for preservation – a snapshot of current policy and guidelines
Rebecca Grant, Royal Irish Academy @Beck_Grant

Preserving the essence: Identifying the significant properties of social science research data
Astrid Recker, Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences @CESSDAtraining
Steffan Müller, Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences

11:00 Break
Paper Session 5 (Short Papers): Text, Images, and Objects (Hogan)

Chair: Dermot Frost, Manager, Trinity Centre for High Performance Computing, TCD @astarmain

Towards a Conceptual Emulation Framework for the Preservation of Archaeological 3D Visualisations
Panagiotis Papageorgiou, University of Portsmouth

Irish Archaeological Data: Towards a framework
Anthony Corns, The Discovery Programme @DiscProg
Louise Kennedy, The Discovery Programme

Do No Harm: Mitigating Unintentional Errors When Curating Data
Jared Lyle, Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research @ICPSR

Sustaining data archives over time: Lessons from the organisational studies literature
Kalpana Shankar, University College Dublin
Kristin Eschenfelder, University of Wisconsin-Madison @UWMadisonSLIS

Músgraí WYSIWYM WP: a Simple Plug-in to Add Semantically Meaningful Functionality to the Graphical Editor of the WordPress CMS, with Emphasis on Digitally Archiving Irish and Scottish Gaelic Texts
Mícheál Mac Lochlainn, Ollscoil na hÉireann, Gaillimh

13:00 Lunch and Poster Session
Paper Session 6: Arts and Preservation (Hogan)

Chair: Aileen O’Carroll, Policy Manager at DRI, Manager IQDA at Maynooth University @aaocarroll

Preserving born digital art: lessons from artists’ practice
Conor McGarrigle, University of Denver @_stunned

Performances, preservation and policy implications: digital curation and preservation awareness and strategy in the performing arts
Laura Molloy, University of Glasgow @LM_HATII

Mass Digitisation of Arts Archives: The Abbey Theatre Digitisation Project
Martin Bradley, NUI Galway
Aising Keane, NUI Galway @AislingNiC

16:00 Digital Preservation Coalition Awards
William Kilbride, DPC
16:15 Closing Remarks
Sandra Collins, Director of the Digital Repository of Ireland